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BOXaki© is a key-free Safety Box, uniquely designed for beach umbrellas and made by SafeLiving, a Hellenic Safety Lock Systems maker, based in Athens.
BoXaki combines:
Advertising & Connectivity


BOXaki triangular shape was inspired by the sail of a sailing boat floating around the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, thus referring to sun, sea and relaxation.
A 100% Greek patent idea.


SAFETY: BOXaki six (6) liter storage capacity offers to bathers all around the world a “locker” by their side, where they can comfortably and safely place their personal belongings, such as cell phones, tablets, car-keys, cameras, wallets or water and drinks etc., while relaxing and enjoying their beach/pool vacation, carefree.

INNOVATION:Scan it open! The trendy waterproof and durable electronic bracelet replaces the traditional key/code of the regular safety box. Due to the bracelet’s material, one can still enjoy a full tan without marks.


Zero wear and tear of the beach business owner’s investment. BOXaki installation is free of screws and Black&Deckers.
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  • Advertising & Visibility

    Advertising through BOXaki, sets your brand, logo or company to a complete new level. Your product becomes a glitzy “celebrity” to your bathing customers, due to the products’ well-designed six-side surface space, while its 6lt storage capacity ensures their personal belongings, i.e. cell phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

  • Connectivity & Promo

    QR-CODE: BOXaki connects the potential vendor with bather’s mobile phones while at the beach as well as upon their return home. As a result the vendor seizes the opportunity to keep in touch with potential clients by inviting them to events and/or contests not only during summer but all year round.

    PROMO: BOXaki spacious 6lt storage capacity offers to the potential vendor the ability to promote a “surprise” of a new product or typed information about their activities


SafeLiving has developed a unique digital key, specifically designed for BOXaki through HF-RFID Technology (High Frequency – Radio Frequency Identification) which also contains a sound indicator.

The digital key is produced in the form of a bracelet, made of light Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that is transparent, spiral and durable. It is resistant to water, hits and falls. Every bracelet, for better organization purposes has a laser fixed identification number

BOXaki unlocks by simply scanning the bracelet once over the lock without taking it off the wrist.


Brand: BOXaki© by SafeLiving Hellas

Model (Pantended): Hellenic Industrial Organization

Colour: Off-white (available in more colors)

Material: Recyclable ABS with UV protection + PA plastic with glass fibers

Size: L: 25cm x W: 19cm x H: 26.5cm
Storage Capacity: 6lt
Net weight: 1,6kg

Compatible umbrella pillar: από 25mm έως 100mm

Weight: 1,2 Kg

Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline batteries

Logo Surface Space: 24cm x 33cm (All four [4] surfaces allow 360 degrees visibility for ad / promo purposes)

What kind of battery does BOXaki electronic lock use?

It uses four (4) AA Alkaline Batteries, type 1.5V.

Can I change the batteries by myself?

Sure you can! As long as you use alkaline batteries! Once purchased, BOXaki comes along with SafeLiving’s special alkaline batteries that will last you for a whole summer season. Guaranteed! (i.e.: 5 month period or 15.000 lock times and/or unlock). BOXaki can also function on non-alkaline batteries however we cannot guarantee battery longevity.

What happens in case of battery depletion?

Not a problem! Initially, the digital lock makes an alert sound which becomes activated once the battery is running on low. BOXaki will continue to work on low for a short while, thus giving you time to replace the batteries. Now, in case of battery depletion with the door locked, a special battery charger designed by SafeLiving will get plugged into BOXaki thus unlocking the door and replacing the batteries.

How many digital bracelets/keys does BOXaki have for personal use?

Each BOXaki comes along with three (3) digital keys / bracelets: a) The System key/bracelet (for initial programming only), b) The Master key/bracelet (for programming user keys) and c) The User key/bracelet for daily use. Furthermore, each BOXaki may have up to 21 User Keys that can be reprogrammed at any time with the help of the Master Key.

What happens if I lose the User key/bracelet?

Not a problem! Remember each BOXaki can accept up to 21 User keys/bracelets! In case you lose your User key/bracelet, the Master Key comes to help by deleting all previous User key/bracelet data from BOXaki memory and reprograms a brand new User key/bracelet. That easy! It doesn’t matter whether BOXaki is locked or unlocked, the reprogramming process will still occur.

How easily can BOXaki be installed on the beach umbrella pole?

Easily! Installation is fast, easy and steady. BOXaki embraces the umbrella pole by simply adjusting and tightening two screws on its two sides. No drills, no mess.Watch the video.

Can BOXaki be installed on all types of beach umbrellas?

Most definitely! BOXaki can be adjusted to any beach umbrella pole with a diameter of 25mm up to 100mm.

How durable is BOXaki?

Very much so! Made of the latest plastic PC-ABS material, BOXaki is resilient to hits and falls. Durable and pliable it absorbs it all.

Will the colors of BOXaki fade if exposed to sun?

PC-ABS plastic has been purposely chosen by SafeLiving for BOXaki because of its high resilience against UV radiation. For this reason, there is a one (1) year written warrantee.

What are the dimensions of BOXaki?

The dimensions of BOXaki are as follows: Height: 26.5cm x Length: 25cm x Width: 19cm. It holds a lot!!!

So how much stuff can BOXaki safely store?

BOXaki has a storage capacity of 6lt. This means that it can easily fit personal valuables of 2 persons, such as: smartphones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, cameras, purses, tablets (2 of each!). It also can fit small bags and much more!!!

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About Us

Dear Customer,

SafeLiving is a Hellenic Safety Lock Systems maker, based in Athens since 2010. The company started off with three ambitious people, from different backgrounds (security systems and access control, electronics and electrical automation and the computer field). Yet all three scientists focused on safety, new technologies and innovation. The idea of an electromagnetic lock mechanism was launched in 2010 and the young and ambitious R&D team managed to create the Company’s first breakthrough: The “iLock”. Shortly after, a new security electronics lock system for doors was taking off: The “Navelon”.
Our Company and staff are dedicated to the name that we have purposely chosen for our firm: SafeLiving. It is our conscious belief that our fellow citizens both in Greece and around the world can live much safer in the 21st century through a 3rd generation of security electromagnetic locks and we feel proud that we have contributed to this cause.

I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce BOXaki, SafeLiving’s new “baby”, which is a smart safety box with an HF-RFID lock, durable, well-designed and multifunctional.
Our motto, “SafeLiving comes first” has been applied throughout our ideas, research and work. It will be our privilege to show you how.

Emmanuel Christodoulou, CEO
SafeLiving HellasEmmanuel Christodoulou